Infinit File Transfer Service is shutting down.

Infinit, a TechStars alum based in France,  is shutting down its file transfer service. This unfortunate news was announced today on Infinit’s website, and inside an email newsletter sent to Infinit’s users.


Infinit, almost similar to Feem, offered a great way to transfer files between devices. The Infinit’s team focus has changed to storage, instead of file transfers, and as such, many of their existing users are left wondering what to use instead.

Feem is the best alternative to Infinit file transfer app.

Here’s why Feem is the best alternative to Infinit:

  1. Feem works completely offline. The reason why users are affected by Infinit shutting down its file transfer service is because some parts of Infinit’s file transfer service depended on Infinit’s servers running online. Feem will continue working, regardless of what happens to the Feem team, because Feem works completely offline and doesn’t depend on any servers.
  2. Feem works on ALL platforms. This means you are covered no matter what device you use now, or in the future.
  3. Feem is super fast. Often faster than Infinit ever was, because Feem works completely offline.
  4. Feem supports Wi-Fi direct, which permits you to transfer files even when you don’t have an available Wi-Fi router. This means you can share files anywhere, even on planet Mars.

Download Feem on all of your devices, and start transferring files the right way.

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