How To Transfer Files From PC to PC

How would you transfer your large files from one PC to another?

You could use USB sticks. But they are usually virus infected, and require you to displace yourself from one PC to another.

You could use cloud solutions like Dropbox. But transferring heavy files that way is usually slow. Not to mention that your sensitive files live inside someone else’s servers.

Or you could use Feem Wi-Fi, the best way to transfer files from pc to pc. Feem is super fast, doesn’t go through the Internet, and helps you send unlimited files and folders from one PC to another PC.


Here’s how Feem works.

  1. Download Feem on all of your desktop computers. Feem is available on Mac, Windows and 64bit Linux.
  2. Make sure all of your computers are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. With Feem’s Wi-Fi direct feature, you don’t even need a router !
  3. Your devices should automatically detect each other. Drag and drop files between your devices. It works like magic.

Try it today.

Download Feem.

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