AirDrop for Windows PC


Many Windows users have been wondering if they can use something like AirDrop on their PCs.

The bad news is that Apple will never port AirDrop to work on Windows PC.

The good news is there is a great alternative for AirDrop on Windows PC.

Feem Wi-Fi is the best AirDrop alternative on all platforms, including Windows.


Here’s why you’ll prefer Feem over AirDrop:

  • Feem works on all platforms. Feem even works more reliably than AirDrop on Macs.
  • Feem works on older Macs. AirDrop only works on newer Macs.
  • Feem has auto-resumable transfers which AirDrop lacks.
  • Feem has chat, which is great for sending links. AirDrop doesn’t have chat.

There are a million other reasons why Feem is better than AirDrop on Windows.

It’s best you try it out, and judge for yourself.

Download Feem v4 here:

Below you’ll find a video preview for Feem v4:

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