Wi-Fi Direct On Feem

What is Wi-Fi Direct on Feem and how do I use it?


Wi-Fi Direct on Feem creates a personal Wi-Fi hotspot for you, without a router. Transfer speeds with our Wi-Fi Direct feature are even faster than using your Wi-Fi router, since file transfers go from your device, directly to the other device, without passing through an intermediary router.

If your device supports Wi-Fi direct, you will see the Wi-Fi Direct option inside Feem. Activate it by clicking on it. Only one of of your devices needs to enable Wi-Fi Direct. Upon activation, a random Wi-Fi hotspot is created with the name of the device, with a random password. Your other devices are expected to join this new Wi-Fi hotspot, which will show up in their list of Wi-Fi hotspots.

A common error is to activate Wi-Fi Direct on both devices. That’s not how the Wi-Fi Direct option on Feem was designed to work. Activate Wi-Fi Direct on one of your devices, and connect to the newly created Wi-Fi hotspot on your other device. A random password is generated on your new Wi-Fi Direct hotspot for extra security.

Get the new Feem , and start transferring files very quickly with Wi-Fi Direct.

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